All of LFC's internship programs are staffed by volunteer interns. LFC is not able to provide internship stipends but is willing and able to support internship candidates in securing grants, work study or other compensation from their schools of origin or other sources.


Legal Interns

Every year, LFC has the honor of reviewing the resumes of hundreds of outstanding law students for our summer legal internship program. This highly competitive program results in the selection of approximately nine law students from across the country who are committed to exploring the legal, ethical and practice skills necessary to successfully advocate for children and young adults in high conflict custody and child welfare cases. Law students spend ten weeks at LFC working under the direct supervision of one or two attorneys. There is a formal training program that continues over the course of the summer, and interns may request placement with one of our special projects. Our student practice order permits second year students to present cases in court and all students have the opportunity to help prepare cases for trial, work on memos of law, draft motions and orders to show cause, and participate in client interviews. Applications must include a cover letter and resume and should be submitted before February 15 to gmampel@lawyersforchildren.org.

Forensic Social Work Interns

LFC has a robust social work internship program. Each summer nine or ten highly motivated undergraduates and MSW graduate students are selected to work side by side with our staff social workers, gaining valuable exposure to the profession and to the most pressing issues facing the City's children and their families. All legal and social work interns have the opportunity to interact and work together as part of the legal/social work team that makes LFC's advocacy model unique. Social work interns join our legal interns for a formal training program that continues throughout the summer. Social work interns have the opportunity to accompany our social workers on field visits, sit in on client interviews and case conferences, observe court cases, and help prepare the social work portion of cases for hearings and trial. Applications must include a cover letter and resume and should be submitted before February 15 to sgreenberg@lawyersforchildren.org.


Legal and Social work Internships

LFC accepts a limited number of legal and social work interns for approximately 10-15 hours per week during the fall and spring semesters. All internships are volunteer positions and no stipends are available through LFC. The academic year program provides opportunities for the same case engagement as described in the summer program. Applications for legal and social work internships should be submitted as indicated in the summer internship section, above.

MSW Field Placements

Several of LFC's social workers are accredited MSW field placement supervisors. We have provided field placement supervision for MSW students from Columbia, NYU, Fordham, and most of the other local schools of social work. MSW candidates interested in an LFC field placement should submit a cover letter and resume to sgreenberg@lawyersforchildren.org.


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